Nomination Process

Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame Qualifications and Rules for Nomination of Candidates


The WI Soccer Hall of Fame (WSHOF) has created five categories under which candidates may be inducted into the WI Soccer Hall of Fame. The categories are: Players, Coaches, Referees, Administrators and Overall.

Qualifications for each category and eligibility rules are as follows:

PLAYERS: To be considered in this category, players must have gained prominence in Wisconsin soccer or in a professional and/or national capacity. Players who went on to serve as referees, coaches, and/or administrators may receive priority consideration. Active players will not be considered. (Note: participation in Old Timers or other recreational play does not constitute active play).

COACHES: Consideration for induction may be given to coaches who have coached on any level for a considerable period of time. Candidates most likely to be selected are apt to have served on a Wisconsin, Regional and/or National level. High school and/or college coaches may receive consideration provided that their services have been benefited the Wisconsin soccer community. Coaches who also played, served as a referee and/or served in an administrative role may receive priority consideration. Coaches who are still active may be considered.

REFEREES: Referees must have a significant service record on a state, regional or national level. Referees who also played, coached or served in an administrative role may receive priority consideration. Referees who are still active will not be considered in the referee category; however they may be candidates in other categories.

ADMINISTRATORS: Individuals with significant, long-term contributions in an administrative capacity will be considered for this category. Administrators who also played, served as a referee, or coached may receive priority consideration. Administrators who are still active may be considered.

OVERALL: This category is intended to recognize individuals who have contributed to Wisconsin soccer in roles not outlined in the above categories or in a combination of the categories summarized above. Contributions may include a wide variety of soccer functions.

Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame


1. Candidates must submit a completed nomination form and a 5 x 7 head-and-shoulder color photograph (digital or hard-copy).

2. Clubs or individuals may submit nominations for the WSHOF.

3. The WSHOF selection committee will select nominees from candidates whose names were submitted to the committee and who meet the required qualifications. Additional information may be requested if needed.

Submit nominations (and a picture) via e-mail, US mail or by using the form below.

Mark LaPorte
580 Westfield Way, #2
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Note: remember to include photos using any method of submission.



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